Senin, 16 Agustus 2010

geeky grey

lets try something different to looks adorable and outstanding but keep it on ur style.
maxitop-envy wear. grey shawl-cotton ink.hat-bugistreet. snakeskin heels-chrstian louboutin. random bangle. rings-iconia


i thought i have been fallen in love with navy colour.btw i took this picture a few days ago at my apartment
loose top-lolyvore onlineshop.lacey legging-moms. blue wood bangle-gaudi. 3colour bangles-mango. skyblue bangle-frm my boy. flower ring- bali,i bought it only 10k. skull ring-naughty. stone tosca ring-miumiu

Minggu, 15 Agustus 2010

jump and suit

my last outfit on my last trip. see you again malay and welcome my beloved indonesia =)

there is my brother sat beside me and busy with his psp.btw im so in love with his brown shoes.
btw thx to my younger brother,i like the angle of this photo.smooch*
got 2 new baby on my bag, bobbibrown gel eyeliner i bought it at pavilion mall and channel lipgloss

i bought it when im shopping with my mom at bugis junction.i dont know when im first looking at this shoes,im so in love with it im super duper like the pattern of this shoes.and begging for my mom to bought it for me cause the price is quite expensive. but very worth it cause made in japan.

jumpsuit-zara. cardigan-cotton on. hat-bugistreet.belt-unbranded. LV brea bag.

mind of mine

my last trip at malaysia. it means im no longer here, i will return to indonesia soon and get back my normal activity.but actually i really really expect be able to stay for a few days again.hikswhite loose shirt-yuan.skirt-pan.da .hat-bugistreet.random bangles. white ring-tltsn.

Sabtu, 14 Agustus 2010


its time to move to genting just 4days3nite at sg.not enough for me but i dont care i will come back later.just wait and getting bored when im at genting, i dont too like this place.huhh
this my first day at genting.
stripe top-magnolia.ripped legging.shawl-svs. hermes,channel and random bangles.bird ring-diy

second day at genting,oh mom i wanna go to KL as soon as possible. im already bored here.
white tube-yellowline.lacey belt-moms.random bangles

finally,my last day at genting .its time to move again to KL.

tshirt-damn iloveindonesia.shorts-sixty to ring-bangkok.random bangles.

Jumat, 13 Agustus 2010


i cant wait my days to orchard ,idk i think everyone do love this place too cause evrythngs easy to fine right here. from clothingline,cosmetic,shoes,and another branded things. as long as im here, i will never stop to you guys same with me? btw i went to orchard 2times and its will never enough for me.

night at orchard,i dont bought anything just cotton on bcos its already too late and all shops are closed.poor me. but i will came back tommorow noon.
loose shirt-yuan. neklace-diva. random bag

came back again to orchard at tommorow noon,walk arround from mall to mall and found too many interesting stuffs.thx mom to allow me bought it all. honestly, im very tired that day but it was very fun.
top-zara.vest-gaudi.flowery short-yuan.lovestocking-yuan.random bangles and rings. neklace-svs.hat-bought it at bugis street.

summer break

last school holidays,my family and i went to sg and malay. idk why my mom always choose sg and malay as our destination .its sounds so bored but im wrong,it was my fun,nice,unforgetable olidays ever.initially we didnt know want stay at whats hotel cause of all hotels almost full. we dont have any preparation before,so its really really difficult for us to search another hotel are available. but luckily my friend told me bout a hotel that near from clarke quay and china town,fortunately for the 2nd time, thats hotel are available. andd say hello to singapore

just arrived at sg, and then put our bag at hotel and went to chinatown to have a lunch.
dress-cotton on.jacket-mango.belt-yuan.bag-gucci.random bangle and smile ring.

second day we went to universal studio and its really an amazing place to havefun.all tickets soldout but im already booked 5 tickets at jakarta so it is my luck.
the last picture is at bugis street, yeah we went there after frm universal. play enough,shopping enough and tired enough.
top-i bought it when im at sunglasses

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